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DATE: 01/08/2022
TIME: 15:00
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Relationship between green areas and health indicies in Bahia: the case of the newborn in the municipalites of bahia, with emphasis in south b. 


Cities, Environmental Sciences, Epidemiology, Newborns.

AREA: Ciências Ambientais

Exposure, proximity or some kind of relationship with green areas can mitigate many of the harmful health effects in urban centers, including birth weight and Apgar score. It is still incipient and poorly defined how green areas can influence neonatal and maternal health in Brazil, as there are few published studies in this area. Medium-sized municipalities in southern Bahia, such as Eunápolis, can serve as models to understand the relationship between green areas and neonatal and maternal health. In this text, the development of the study in one of the cities is exposed, analyzing secondary data from the Information System of Live Births/Department of Informatics of the Unified Health System (SINASC/DATASUS), direct analysis of the medical records of patients from a hospital in the public network of the municipality and geographic data of Eunápolis. Data from the period from 2019 to 2021 were selected, which comprises the pre- and post-pandemic periods. These data are being related to the proximity of green areas to test the following hypotheses: 1) neonates born to mothers who live closer to green areas have better birth weights and Apgar scores in both cities; 2) mothers who live closer to green areas have better health rates during pregnancy in both cities; 3) in the city with more green areas, there are better birth weight and Apgar scores in neonates; 4) of all the variables, “maternal living close to green areas” is a covariate as important as socioeconomic indices, educational level and care during pregnancy for a good health of the neonate (good birth weight and Apgar score) in both cities; 5) the period of social isolation during the pandemic may have impacted birth weight and Apgar scores. For this stage of the study, the results obtained in the pre-pandemic period of the city of Eunápolis-BA and an empirical relationship with the proximity of green areas were presented. It is expected to prove that there is a relationship between good weight and the Apgar score of neonates with green areas, due to the mothers' residence close to these places. The study proposes to prove the importance of green areas and environmental preservation for good rates of neonatal health in the urban population of Bahian cities.

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