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DATA : 25/02/2019
HORA: 09:00
LOCAL: Sala Aldeia Velha - CSC

The Conduct Adjustment Term and the compliance with the New Forest Code in rural properties in the extreme south of Bahia


Environmental regularization of rural properties; permanent preservation area; legal reserve area; liability for environmental damage.

ÁREA: Ciências Ambientais

The scope of the present study is to verify the adequate environmental regularization of rural properties, in the permanent preservation areas and legal reserve areas, whose owners have signed conduct adjustment terms to adjust their activities with the Public Prosecutor´s Office for the Environment, Regional Office at Teixeira de Freitas, Bahia. The choice of the topic arose from the need to analyze whether the action of the Public Prosecutor's Office, through the signing of conduct adjustment terms, was or is actually being effective for compliance with Law 12.651/12, since only before the said Public Prosecutor's Office there are 1.527 rural properties, covering a total area of more than 418 thousand hectares, whose owners have committed themselves to their environmental adjustments. A systematic review of the specialized literature on secondary sources of data such as books, manuals, articles, legislation and jurisprudence is presented, starting with the theme of the environment as a fundamental right and the need for State intervention. There is a description of the history of Brazilian environmental legislation, in particular the emergence and evolution of permanent preservation areas and legal reserve areas up to Law 12.651/12, called the New Forest Code. Two of its important instruments are highlighted, which are the Rural Environmental Registry, called the State Forest Registry of Rural Property (CEFIR) in the State of Bahia, and the Environmental Regularization Program, because through them the environmental adequacy of the rural property occurs. As the object of study is located in the Atlantic Forest Biome, it is treated about its specific legal protection and the relationship with the New Forest Code. It also analyzes the role of the Public Prosecutor's Office in relation to liability for environmental damage. The situation of eucalyptus silviculture in the extreme south of Bahia and the investigations of the Public Prosecutor's Office that led to the responsability of the companies Suzano Papel e Celulose S/A and Fibria Celulose S/A for fomenting economic activity in environmentally irregular areas. The temporal analyzes were carried out, through visual interpretation of Google Earth satellite images, in 318 rural properties whose owners have signed a conduct adjustment terms with the Public Prosecutor´s Office for the Environment, Regional Office at Teixeira de Freitas, Bahia, in the year of 2012. A qualitative evaluation was carried out for the comparison of the situations of permanent preservation areas and legal reserve areas. The results showed that it is impossible to analyze 35,55% of the total rural properties. This fact stems from the non-location of CEFIR of rural property; incomplete CEFIR; error in shapefiles; and inappropriate images. In the universe of 31 possible analyzes, there was an increase in forest cover in 16 rural properties, representing 53,33%. Finally, a decision key is proposed to expedite the supervision by the Public Prosecutor of the commitments of conduct adjustment that aim at the environmental adequacy of rural properties.

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